Brief Introduce of Our Company  

Shaoxing Engineering Machinery Limited Company (SxEMLC) was founded in 1958, being one of the directors of China Light Industrial Machinery Industrial Association, one of the members of China Plastic Machinery Industrial Association, and one of the member units of China Food and Packaging Mechanical Association. SxEMLC is specialized in producing various kinds of plastic packaging machinery and plastic film product. It covers a land area of 14,690O with a construction area of 9,453O on and its environment is very beautiful. It has fixed assets of RMB¥ 20 million and a staff of 230. Its technical force is very rich.   

In 1984, SxEMLC imported foreign advanced technology and model machine. After digestion and research, it successfully produced out the domestic first-set high-speed, automatic, plastic film bag-making machine, which fills the domestic blank of this field and powerfully promotes the development of plastic processing industry. 

SxEMLC has adhered to the policy of "Quality First, Technique Created". After regulating the structure of products and keeping on improving the quality of products, it has formed complete-set plastic packaging machinery products with "JINMAI (Gold Cat) Brand" GZ series of plastic film bag-making machines in the leading, mainly including inflation film machine set, printing machine set, bag-making machines (sealing machine) and various kinds of mating supplementary machine, and its items of tech targets have all reached the 1990' advanced level of the same products in the world, which have honorably won one of "Zhejiang Provincial Science-Technology Achievements 'Medals", one of "Zhejiang Provincial Excellent-Quality Products' and treated as the first-lot substituting for imported light industrial equipments appointed by the State Light Industrial Ministry. In 1998, its "JINMAO (Gold Cat) Brand"GZ-700 Model high-speed the China Science-Technology Ministry and Egypt Social Development Fund Ministry.     

SxEMLC' enterprise fame is high, and its products are sold fast in every part of the country, even for sold to the countries and regions of Mongolia, Pakistan, Uruguay, Hungary, South Africa, Nigeria, Oman, Kirghizia, Kazakstan, Russia, etc. and its complete set products enter the international markets being well welcomed and highly commended.

SxEMLC sincerely welcomes all friends and clients and partners from home and abroad here to cooperate and co-develop.